Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Male Celebrities FAKED!!

Well guys, so far Ihave tried to compile the list of celebrities with the most faked pictures, at initial assessment here are the results which could change at a later time:
1- Jensen Ackles
2- Zac Efron
3- Jared Padalecki
4- Wentworth Miller
5- Tom Welling
6- Matthew Fox
7- Chris Evans
8- Brad Pitt
9- Ben Affleck
10- Chace Crawford
The outcome is based on number of original pictures by their talented authors that meets the standards I look for which are, lifelike, seams of paste, color variations of head and body parts - in short if they look like a fake, I don't post it and I don't include them in this blog.
Thanks to all of you faker lovers like me for following this blog.

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