Monday, October 11, 2010

Zachary Quinto Naked Fakes - ReDux Solo Nude fakes 2010

Previously posted September 2009, these are Zachary Quinto's nude fakes for 2010 - Enjoy everyone...

Zachary Quinto is still one of the most faked actors in 2010, although not in the running for the top 20 male celebrity faked 2010, he gets desired and just as recognizable hunk for our 'Hall of Fakes'... Previously posted September 2009.


  1. Please Julian Casey,David Nerman The lost world.

  2. hahaha how surreal I was looking at random pics and happened upon this page and I was totally shocked to find that my picture had been posted here. I mean I didn't even think people would save any of my work, let alone repost them, it was a nice surprise, since I find this pic of Mr. Zach to be one of my best works and I am very proud of it ^_^

  3. Tama201, I consider your artwork one of the finest, as this site is only posting the best fakes on the Net, thanks for visiting, if you come up with more of your artworks, please email them to me so I can flaunt it around for more fans to see, Zach Quinto sure is one of my favorite fake subjects...