Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jessie Godderz - Big Brother Muscle Man in Naked pics

Jessie Godderz fine tuned body competing for Body Building contest, this hunk reality boy is every Bi-Gays dream ass...

Jessie Godderz Big Brother's Eye Candy in full naked pictures, this hunk of a man is a 'Must Fuck' dreamboat... great abs and needless to say, I can just picture his huge cock bobbing for apples...


  1. Is he? or isn't he? Who cares? He's a hot muscle hunk regardless of his true sexuality. The arrogance certainly is a detraction from his personality, but that's his problem. Maybe since he's made a name for himself on "Big Brother" and as a wrestler, his next step will be . . . porn? Naaaah.