Friday, March 5, 2010

Elijah Wood Naked and Nude Fake Pictures


  1. I understand that this site is just for fun and to give people an idea of what their favorite celebrity looks like nude, but why do the people that make these pic’s always make the guys with large penis’s? Come on, is it just me or does anyone else think that these guys already have everything in the world? I think its ok to do some over sized, but why not have some fun and show them with a small penis too? Most men with fast cars, big homes, hot wife’s or girlfriend’s have smaller penis’s. God cant be that mean and give them everything! Lets have some fun… Just saying!

    1. Sounds like someone's jealous... #smallpeepee

  2. I'm not so sure Dave, I've seen plenty of very beautiful men that seemed to have it all, and even when the pants came down, they still had it For real, some do. Just sayin'

  3. I am worked as a still photographer and videographer on 100's of movie, TV set, and Broadway plays, and I can tell you from experience there must be something in the entertainment industry that attracts large penises. John Schneider has a huge cock and it is beautiful and cut. Hard it has to be near 10 and thick, Kevin Costner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Justin Long, Bruce Willis, and Liam Neeson (could get whip lash if he works to fast) So I find the fakers often endow the wrong actor. But in the end who really cares. Seeing them naked, hard, and hot is amazing. My biggest complaint about fakers is that they miss golden opportunities with movie and TV matchups to do fakers from. Mel Gibson/Joaquin Phoenix from Signs, Dennis Quaid/Jake Gyllenhaal from Day after Tomorrow, Thomas Gibson, Matt Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds for just a few. Go Victor